It’s Your Event, You’re in Control!

Our platform empowers you to design and produce live highly interactive social experiences.










Give your audience a live and moderate stream.

Simple moderated, automated streams of conversations from YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and more;

Put your most-valued conversations in more places where they can be seen: Such as your website or public monitor;

Filter conversations to control the messaging and commentary from salespeople, reporters and play-by-play opportunities;

Tell your audience as it happens with real-time blogging.

Post and update stories as they happen;

Deliver gripping, audience-exciting reporting commentary with real-time information;

Welcome audience interaction and participation;

Feature interviews in English, Spanish, Chinese, more.

Feature news-style interviews on your site in real-time;

Produce ongoing coverage that puts exciting event coverage ontoa homepage.

Post real-time Facebook, Twitter messages and create # wall campaigns.

Publish up-to-the-minute media onto a media center wall;

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube conversations, hashtag campaigns;

Promote an event to a lobby monitor, jumbo monitor, homepage or store;

We`ll design a layout for a specific audience.

Customize the digital and layout images with design services for:
Page layouts that summarize and engage;
Websites that incentivize;

Give ardent sports fans the scores.

Engage sports Fans;

Bring the NCAA or major league sports events to your pages to feature sports scores, data and information;

Photograph and submit a flow of live-time image.

Project images from your local drive and/or social media page;

Feed a streaming gallery onto your wall;

Feed images to your pages in real-time and engage interactive updates;

You broadcast in “second-screen” for real-time interaction.

Enhance live broadcast feeds with commentary on coverage as it happens;

The second-screen experience enables unparalleled audience, real-time interaction and feedback loops;

Embrace opportunities to insure and incentivize strategic segments with campaigns;

After the interviews and images, we`ll edit them.

The post-production phase is where we package your media for effective distribution of:

The podcast show series;

The commercial spot that features a live testimonial;